The Power of your Enlightened NO!

There’s this OTHER THING about your brain you must know, so that you are working more intelligently with your mind to move you in the direction of your real desires.  Last week I told you how your brain likes what’s familiar- and encouraged you to make the desires which may be unfamiliar much more familiar. (If you missed it, listen to recording of last week’s show.)


Did you also know that your brain is hardwired to move you toward pleasure and away from pain?  That’s right. It’s what keeps the species alive.


That is why you should trick the mind to believe that it is SO PLEASURABLE to do what you know you need to do, and painful to keep old destructive habits.


For example, if you complain and don’t like something that you know you need to do (like going to the gym) you will find ways not to do it.  Your brain won’t let you keep doing something you don’t like. There’s not enough discipline in the world for that long term.   You have to LINK what you want with pleasure such as: “I love going to the gym, I love eating right, I love to meditate and feel relaxed, I just love being in love, I love being in a committed relationship, I just love going to work and being productive, I love making money!”  Link pleasure in your mind with what you want to keep or attract into your life, your YES’s.


Then, link pain to doing what you shouldn’t be doing or what you don’t want in your life.  Link discomfort to what you truly want to say NO to.


For example, let’s say you don’t want to keep eating sugary desserts.  When you eat them you normally think, “Oohh I love this, I shouldn’t do it, but it tastes SO GOOD!”  You’ve linked pleasure to it and you’re going to keep doing it.  What if, you really wanted to stop that sugar addiction?  You would need to link more pain than pleasure to it.  Think instead, “I don’t like the way I feel, this tastes terrible, it’s too sweet, it feels horrible after I eat this, yuk,” etc.  OK- lie to yourself until you believe it.  Link pain to what you want to say “NO” to.


Understand how the brain works and work with it.  Learn to trick it and direct your mind to take you in the direction you know will bring lasting happiness, health and success.


Be enlightened and say “NO” to what doesn’t serve your genius.

Say “YES” to what does, because it FEELS SO GOOD.  More please.


Clear instructions to yourself will bring you in the direction that you consciously want to go.  Yes!  I love that!  I love and get so much joy and pleasure giving myself clear direction.


Say YES to Big, unlimited love!  It feels so good!!!

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