The Heavenly Point of Choice. Make it now.

As I watch the ups and downs all around us politically- in the nation and the world; the weather patterns and the massive amounts of personal stress, anxiety and depression I witness in people around me, I am reminded of why I, and many others like me are here on earth.  To hold the light.  To be the love.  To experience the spiritual reality in the midst of turmoil.

The following true story is pulled from the writings of Gregg Braden, which I’ve used and talked about many times, and it still inspires me.  I hope you’ll take a minute to read it and remember that there is a choice.  We have wandered back and forth in our choices to live with love and now is the turning point of choice.  We must choose, what is real, what is true for you, and what you want to stand for.

Long ago, the Hopi Indian Tribe, a Southwestern American tribe, who’s name means, ‘People of Peace’ were given the diagram of a life plan that would guide them through this time in history.  Their plan consists of two parallel paths, parallel possibilities, representing the life choices of humankind.  In the beginning, both paths appear very similar.  The upper path, however, gradually turns into a broken zigzag that ends no where.

Those who choose this path are represented with their heads detached, hovering over their bodies.  They will experience the great shift as a time of confusion and chaos leading to destruction.

The lower path continues as a level line, strong and even.  Those choosing this path live to advanced ages and their crops grow strong and healthy.

Approximately two-thirds of the way along the paths is a vertical line connecting the two.  Until this intersection point is reached, the Hopi say, we may move freely back and forth, exploring the two paths.  Following this point in time, however, the choices are made and there is no return.  In the words of quantum physics, this portion of the prophecy describes a choice point, an opportunity for humanity to experience the paths of both worlds and choose which is true for them.  In the words of the prophecy, “If we hold fast to the sacred way as the Creator devised it for us, what we have gained, we will never lose.  But still, we have to choose between the two ways. Mother Nature tells us which is the right way.  When earthquakes, floods, hailstorms drought and famine will be the life of every day, the time will have then come for the return to the true path.”

According to the Hopi, the time of purification is upon us.  The severity of our cleansing is being determined, as our individual responses to life challenges create the collective outcome.  The chaos of change is our opportunity to refine our beliefs honoring the portions that work and gracefully releasing those that may no longer serve us.  It is our new, finely honed worldview of the present that will carry us gracefully through the times of future challenge.  Their vision of our future concludes by admonishing us to be responsible in the way we use the powers of our bodies and our machines.  Once again we are reminded that the choices made each day will determine the duration and severity of our days of tribulation.  Which path will humankind walk? The greed, the comfort and the profit, or the path of love, strength and balance.  With simplicity and eloquence, Hopi prophecy reminds us that the way we live our lives determines which path we follow.  The choice is ours.



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