I AM. I CAN. 4 Steps to Moving Beyond Fear and Accessing Your Inner Power

You’re not alone.

I’ve woken up in the early morning hours with my mind running on and on about what “could” happen.

I’ve sat crippled and not taken action, simply because I was walking into unknown territory.


Fear is crippling.

But fear is not what we’re made of. Fear is what the thinking-conditioned mind throws out at us- with the intention of keeping us safe. It means well.

“Thank you for sharing.” I’ll watch out for speeding cars and dangerous situations, but when fear is just getting in the way of my next great breakthrough it might be time to ‘see through it.’

4 Steps to Moving Beyond Fear and Accessing Your Inner Power

1. Stop.  Stop going down the path of fear, negativity, lack and separation. When the fear arises, admit it and don’t call it something else. Stop and breathe and admit it. Love that part of you that is afraid. You’re not alone. But still, stop. Don’t take big action when fear is guiding you. Deal with what’s up so you can turn that horse around before it starts gathering up all of its friends.

2. Hold On. It’s easier for a tree to hold on during a tornado if its roots are deep. What are you rooted in? Are you rooted deeply in your soul’s truth? When you know what lies within you, nothing can be against you. Your soul is unafraid. When we are more deeply rooted in Soul Principles then we can be strong.

3. Affirm. Affirm the truth. “I AM. I Can.” I Am is the truth of who we really are, we are a part of the great I AM – or the Divine Power. Because I know that I Am, I know that ‘I AM’ can! “I AM, I CAN” is a powerful affirmation. “I AM, I CAN!” And then- when we forget- “Oh Yes I AM and Yes I Can!

4.  Move on.  Take action in the direction of Life, Energy, Joy and Beauty. I begin to move in the direction of my health, greater life, joy, dreams…taking action in the direction with faith and conviction.

I stop the fear now and hold on to deeper truth, Infinite Life is operating in me attracting to me all that is needed. I move forward in joy and celebration, giving thanks in all ways!

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