Happiness at Home… The Little Things That Can Add Up Big!

We’re all looking for greater happiness and the good news is this: tiny, seemingly small changes to your home, your lifestyle and the way you talk to your loved ones can add up to you being a much happier person.  It’s not the big changes, success and accumulating that create the happiness we seek, but generally, the little things done within us, around our homes and with loved ones.
There is “happier-at-home” project started by Gretchen Rubin that she talks about in her book by the same name.  In this we are encouraged to find happiness in our daily routines -and by making our home more enjoyable.  She states four things that will help us do that:
1.  Find out what makes you feel good at home.  Is it the pictures or trinkets that remind you of your family?  The smell?  The lighting?  The art?
2.  Next figure out the primary factors that make you feel bad at home- and start to eliminate or change them.
3.  Ask yourself how you can feel right more often- that is how you can develop a lifestyle, home and routine that reflect your values and align with what’s important to you.
4.  Search for ways to develop an atmosphere of growth at home, an approach to life that keeps you focused on maintaining a go-get-em attitude.  Create a positive, supportive environment.
We spend a lot of time at home, lets help it work for us…. but also to remember:
“Snails may be slimy and generally pretty gross, but they do have one thing going for them: they get to bring their homes with them wherever they go.  With the right perspective, you can do the same.”  Gretchen Rubin
So yes, truly home is where our heart is, it is within us and our physical homes can reflect who we are and be the sanctuary to support our happiness!

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