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6 Week Group Coaching Program for Women

For women who want change or are in a transition phase Using the Soul’s Approach to Manifesting Your Next ‘Even More Authentic’ Life Let me help you. For six weeks, we will do experiential exercises, many directly from the work of Danielle LaPorte’s book, “The Desire Map,” where we discover that knowing how you actually…

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The Heavenly Point of Choice. Make it now.

As I watch the ups and downs all around us politically- in the nation and the world; the weather patterns and the massive amounts of personal stress, anxiety and depression I witness in people around me, I am reminded of why I, and many others like me are here on earth.  To hold the light.…

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Is Life Good or What?

Yesterday, as I picked my seven-year-old granddaughter up from school, I asked her my habitual question, “How was your day?”   She rolls her eyes. “Not again!”   I argue. “But I LOVE to hear about anything from your day!”   “It’s the same thing as before. It was GOOD!” she replies. “It’s good every…

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Love on the Playground

I’ve been sneaking away.  Doing something I haven’t told very many people.  It’s a pretty special place… It’s like an ashram- but not.  It’s like a love fest- of sorts. I’ve never seen so much consistent love in one place. It’s not like its new to me.  It’s not like I haven’t been there before.…

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