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6 Week Group Coaching Program for Women

For women who want change or are in a transition phase Using the Soul’s Approach to Manifesting Your Next ‘Even More Authentic’ Life Let me help you. For six weeks, we will do experiential exercises, many directly from the work of Danielle LaPorte’s book, “The Desire Map,” where we discover that knowing how you actually…

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Steps for Visualization

  Sit quietly and relax your body until you feel calm inside.     Think of the outcome you want – be specific and definite.     Create a clear idea or picture. See out of your own eyes.      Give it lots of positive energy and emotion. Add the senses.  FEEL IT.  LOVE…

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  Know that everything is happening “For you” not “To you.”  Let go of the victim mindset and know that even in this situation something good is happening.   “Accept” what is happening in the moment, even though you’d like it to be different. Acceptance… not “fighting against” the illness brings peace, peace helps the…

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