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6 Week Group Coaching Program for Women

For women who want change or are in a transition phase Using the Soul’s Approach to Manifesting Your Next ‘Even More Authentic’ Life Let me help you. For six weeks, we will do experiential exercises, many directly from the work of Danielle LaPorte’s book, “The Desire Map,” where we discover that knowing how you actually…

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The Inside-Out Approach to Solving Anything

Have you ever had a problem, a quandry, or a need that seems to be just out of reach? Do you run it over and over in your head? Is that working?  Does it help? Today, I want to suggest that whatever the need… The answer always lies in accessing a higher state of mind,…

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INCREASE YOUR… EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE “EQ” (Fresno, CA) – Regulating Emotions for Greater Happiness and Peace

INCREASE YOUR… EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE   “EQ” – Regulating Emotions for Greater Happiness and Peace  “By the year 2020, Emotional Intelligence will be one of the top 10 skills required.”  World Economic Forum Developing Self-Awareness & Self-Management To become more emotionally aware is to be greater chooser of peaceful, joyful states of emotions. It is a skill…

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