The Power of Attention

Are you paying attention to what you're paying attention to?

Most of us aren't that often it seems.
Attention focusses our awareness, much like a flashlight shines the light on a specific object.  When it shines on an object that was in the dark, that object now becomes visible.  It was invisible and then the flashlight made it visible to your awareness.
Attention works in the same way.  
When it comes to attention, there are two different aspects at work.
1. That which demands attention. 
2. That which regulates attention. 
There is plenty at all times DEMANDING ATTENTION, from external stimuli (media, loud noises, people, children, work place demands but also internal stimuli, such as feelings, emotions, or thoughts which may require attention.  Worrisome thoughts can also demand our attention and distract us from what we are doing.
There is also the One that REGULATES ATTENTION.  That is YOU. Everyone must be more skilled as a regulator of attention in order to live more consciously, happily and awakened!
That is what the training of mindfulness, meditation and aligning with spiritual thought is helping us do, become more skilled as a regulator of attention.
Where your attention goes, your energy flows.
Where your attention is most frequently, that is what you love. 
Where your attention is most of the time,- that is your inner home and what is creating your life. 
So might it be good, to be better skilled at directing attention, because the extent to which we are able to regulate our attention is strongly related to wellbeing and is a strong predictor of happiness, and satisfaction with all relationships?
The training of attention is essential in mindfulness.  It teaches us to focus the attention on what is happening in this moment.
The training of attention is essential in order to not be lost for long periods of time in the basement!
Developing your ability to be a regulator of attention, you can unhook from the destructive, conditioned, repetitive mind (silly mind) and bring your attention back, repeatedly, to the present moment. (Take a breath and look around.  Be there!)
Then you are able to direct your attention to what you CHOOSE to focus on.  (Read that again!)
That's some good juju.

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