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Dr. Janette is a dynamic, motivating, and inspiring speaker/teacher who infuses her talks with anecdotes, humor, and thoughtful messages. She’s filled with contagious energy, is entertaining and energetic, and speaks eloquently from the heart.

Her messages take many different forms and are designed for the group, but are centered around the power of a positive mindset and helping to develop the internal personal skills that increase success, peace and happiness in life.

What Are Others Saying About Dr Janette?

Nicki Cerniglia

President, Fresno County Women's Chamber of Commerce

Janette graced us with her presence and presentation titled "4 Secrets to Staying Peaceful During Stressful Times" during a Fresno County Women's Chamber of Commerce monthly luncheon. Janette is an incredibly warm person and her presentation was interactive, inspiring, moving and witty. This was probably one of our most highly attended luncheons of the past year - Janette is quite a draw. We all left the venue feeling uplifted, challenged and motivated to be our better selves. Thank you for speaking to our group Janette and we hope to have you back again soon!

Rev. Lola Wright

Director Bodhi Spiritual Center

Janette Freeman brought a powerful lift to our community. She led our workshop participants through a somatic experience of Oneness. The ability to engage the group is a transformational experience that extended beyond the mind was powerful. Her humor, her heart, her levity and her candor created a warm and rich container for participants to go deep. Bodhi Spiritual Center is grateful for her presence in our community.

Dr. Jagmeet Chann


“Dr. Janette is the most engaging teachers I have ever had the pleasure of studying from.  Her classes were life changing and transformational.  She is real, authentic, transparent and she truly loves her students.”

Leslie Cole

Majestic Feminine

Dr. Janette provided a course that was unlike anything I've attended before, creating a safe and warm environment with strangers in a relatively short period of time. The work our group did with Janette was gratifying and touched me on so many levels. I would recommend any courses that Dr. Janette offers!

Rev. Rainbow

Director of Community Engagement, Bodhi Spiritual Center

Dr. Janette is a fabulous facilitator. She is very engaging and intuitive. She created a loving space for people to have a deep and transformative experience.

Patty Turrell

The Center for Spiritual Living Newport Mesa

I've heard Janette Freeman speak on a few occasions; I always appreciated her energy and fun approach to spirituality.  She is the real deal, very authentic and masterful at explaining spiritual principles in a manner we can all relate. My husband Dr. Jim Turrell, the pastor here, recently asked Janette to speak in his absence.  Our community sang Janette's praises and would love to have her back again.

Students in Mindfulness Classes:


-J. Benson

I have suffered with severe anxiety all of my life, last year it became much worse. Since coming to Dr. Janette Freeman’s classes this last year my entire way of thinking has changed, she has given me peace for the first time in my 49 years, she has taught me how to be aware of and cope with my emotions, let go of self-criticism, how to feel safe within myself instead of looking to someone else, and how to let my anxiety be. I have learnt how to be mindful, how to meditate and many other techniques, she has changed my life and I am forever grateful. I cannot recommend her enough!

-Isabel B.

I have been attending Dr. Janette Freeman’s classes for several months. I began to take the classes at the recommendation of my psychiatrist. I battled with anxiety and depression for most of my adult life and struggled to find a treatment that worked for me. Attending the sessions with Janette has helped me regain control of my thoughts through the practice of meditation, mindfulness and the books she recommends. Learning these practices has begun to change my inner world and I am learning that emotional healing is vital to my continued success and recovery. I am thankful to have Janette as a mentor and her teachings are invaluable to me.


-Margaret Gieszinger

Everyone in our group has made great strides in their personal journey toward a happy and a more positive outlook on life. The only negative I can say is that I wish I had joined her classes on 'Continuing the journey of building new HABITS to support a happier, healthier you sooner. Dr. Janette Freeman would be a great asset to any organization and I highly recommend Dr. Janette as a emotional healer.

Dr. Freeman has been leading our group in meditative and emotional intelligence practices for six months. She is excellent at getting her patients to relax and hone in on how the body responds to stressful or unpleasant situations so as to recognize when a person is going through extreme stress/emotional pain and how to positively cope. She helps us to see how our inner negative self talk can sabotage our happiness. She "holds the mirror that displays the hurt child inside" and has developed simple techniques that heal that inner child through calming our minds.


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