Power of I Am to Manifest Your Desires

The Power of I AM to Manifest Your Deepest Desires

Learn how to reclaim your Sacred Source Code: “I AM” and create more peace, joy and abundance in your life.

INCLUDES Ten – 15 Minute audio download teaching and meditation sessions introducing the I AM Source Code Teachings with Dr. Janette Freeman

What you’ll learn:

Over ten lessons, you will be led on a journey to reclaim and use your sacred Source Code “I AM,” in order to manifest your deepest desires by aligning with your Higher Self.
Every day builds upon the next, as you learn new skills to think, speak, and live intentionally from higher consciousness, where you automatically manifest higher results.
You will be given the inspired Source Code Meditations and daily practices, so that you can manifest your most authentic desires. You will learn to use your I Am Source Code skillfully and powerfully which can support all your spiritual & manifesting practices.

What You Will Get In This Course:

Lesson One

Foundation: Your House of Consciousness

In this lesson, you will be given a clear map so that you can quickly identify what level of consciousness you are in, and access the tools to be able to move to up to higher levels of consciousness. In order to manifest anything new in your life, you need to create it from a higher level of consciousness.

Lesson Two

Your Sacred Source Code

Over twenty years of teaching spiritual and manifesting principles, I have discovered this one thing to be the most powerful ‘tool’ to accessing your Higher Self and manifesting your truest desires. See what the inspired “I AM is your Source Code” really means and how you can tap into your Higher Self instantly, clear unconscious programming, and create more consciously. You will be given the first Source Code Meditation to begin to awaken the sleeping giant of creation.

Lesson Three

Your Lifeline Home

You will learn a core tool that will teach you how to activate your “I AM Line.” Through a guided meditation, you will use your imagination to take a journey, which will put you in contact with your Higher Self. We manifest from the dominant level of consciousness we live in, so this practice becomes your “Lifeline home,” allowing you to manifest from a higher level of consciousness.

Lesson Four

The Power of Love
It is said that “Love makes the world go around,” and in this lesson, you will tap into the greatest manifesting power there is, and that is the love that is within you. You will be guided into the deeper experience of Divine Love in relationship with the Higher Self, and invite that Love to do Its perfect work. Your heart will be helped to open wide and deep.

Lesson Five

Choose What You Want to Have
In this session, you will be guided through a meditation to help you identify your deepest desires from your Higher Self. You will choose one desire to work with. This will help you clarify what you want to have, and how it will feel when you have it. You will begin to learn how to live in the energy of that new desire.

Lesson Six

BE What Your Want to Have
Now that you have identified the primary desire and energy, you will make ‘the main thing- the main thing.’ You will be led through a visualization which will solidify your experience of being your desired manifestation now. You will see from the eyes of the one having it and be the one that is experiencing it now. Feel It. Be It. Have it- Consistently!

Lesson Seven

Using Your Source Code to Skillfully Create
As a creative being, your thoughts and words are creating your reality. Unconsciously used, your words are powerful creators of suffering. Used consciously, your words have the power to shift you out of negativity and move you into your chosen desires, and closer to your manifestations. You will be guided through a powerful affirmation meditation.

Lesson Eight

Take Back Your Power
Retrieve all responsibility you have given to others to make you happy, feel loved or give you money. This lesson includes a process to release “unhealthy” reliance; and, realign with The Source that really can deliver! Take back your power. You will be given the Vertical -vs- Horizontal teaching.

Lesson Nine

The Power of Attention
You will strengthen your manifesting power and experience more of your desired energies as you learn to NOT let external situation take you out of your center. Refuse to believe in the voices of fear and doubt. Believe more in who you ARE, rather than who you are not! This lesson will give you the strength to hold fast so that you can manifest your deepest desires.

Lesson Ten

The Source Code is Your Superpower!
In this last session, you will see how your Source Code really is your superpower! It has been within you all along, and now you have learned how to access It, use It and allow It to manifest for you out of your deepest heart and choices. You will be guided through a powerful Sacred Source Code Ritual to ground you in the Being of your desire, allowing you to release fear, doubt and worry. You can rest now in the power of your Source Code and trust Its power to do, create and support you in your deepest desires.

You will be sent links to download .Email if you have any challenges at revnette@gmail.com