Visualization of Your Dream

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You will be taken on an inner journey to visualize your desire.  Using several powerful, proven visualization techniques to firmly establish your picture in your mind it will enable you to gain clarity and the picture necessary to manifest your desire.


30 min

The soft gentle voice of Dr. Janette Freeman, and the beautiful meditative music of Karie Hillery takes you on a on a journey of several powerful, proven visualization techniques to manifest your desire. If you have something in mind that you want to manifest you will be guided to visualize it more deeply and thorougly.  If not, your vision will become clearer.  Listen many times to get it crystal clear.

What others have said:


For me this meditation was an extraordinary experience.  I simply think it is amazing.  Thank you so much for helping me see my dream life and invite it into my present.

Siobhan, Israel

I love this beautiful meditation and come out from it smiling and full of hope, joy and excitement for my future.  Thank you so much!  Namaste

Lisa, Waterlooville, UK

Thank you so so much for your amazing voice, which captured me and helps bring everything to life.  Thank you for making me feel warm, loved, accepted and complete.  I am so thankful that you are in this world.



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