The Inside-Out Approach to Solving Anything

Have you ever had a problem, a quandry, or a need that seems to be just out of reach?
Do you run it over and over in your head?
Is that working?  Does it help?
Today, I want to suggest that whatever the need…
The answer always lies in accessing a higher state of mind, as the problem is never solved at the level of mind that created it.  I think Einstein said something like that – and I think its pretty good.
Today, think of a problem you would like to solve- and let’s go higher, deeper and wider than the problem itself.  In other words, higher in spiritual intelligence, deeper in presence and wider in expansive thought.
Five Internal Practices for Solving Anything
1.  Practice the Present Moment– When our mind is running rampant its time to STOP.  When there is an issue at hand our mind locks onto it and turns it over and over- usually getting nowhere fast.  We are operating at a level where we are only able to access memory- not new, creative possibilities.  Those possibilities are accessed from a relaxed state of mind.  So STOP.  FORGET IT.  Do something to get it off your mind.
I suggest really trying to access the present moment.  Look around, breathe, be in the moment.   Use your body’s senses to bring your present.  See.  Smell.  Taste.  Feel.  Listen.  Breathe, and notice your breath.  Get in nature and actually see it, smell it, listen to the sounds you hear.
Our egoic thinking mind really thinks it can think itself into the solution, and yes, of course it can.  And- the solution will come out of its memory and thus, possibly make the same mistakes!  But that part of you that is accessed in the present moment is your Superconscious mind, your Authentic Self, the Divine inspiration.  No matter what you call it- its a way better way to get NEW information!  It has the answers, your mind does not.
2.  Practice the Principles –  There are principles in the universe which tell us that what we ‘put out there’ comes back to us.  Realizing that and applying it in this situation tells us that we need to work on ourself first, before trying to move the pieces of our life around.  Come back to a higher internal faith through practices that bring positive states of mind and emotions that move us toward our goals.  Who would you be without that problem, or if it was solved?  How would you feel?  Can you begin to feel that way now?
Practicing the principles means to remember that there is order in the universe and it can’t give you what you first don’t embody within.  You can’t hate life and expect life to give to you roses and candy.  You can love life and expect life to give you everything you need.  You must live in love and kindness if you want that back.  You can’t sit around in thoughts of fear, worry and anxiety and expect anything back except that which those thoughts create.  2 plus 2 equals 4.  Love plus love equals more love.  Fear plus fear equals more fear.  Its pretty simple really.  Watch your energy and uplevel it to what you want to experience.
3.  Practice Purification – Life is an ongoing purification process- a letting go, a releasing, a clearing.  Our bodies do it daily and our emotional and mental world needs it too.  Can you forgive, let go, communicate what needs to be communicated and move on?
All challenges in life present an opportunity to let something go. For example, when up against a family challenge, I had to first go back to me.  Where in me had I been holding on to blame and unforgiveness?  Surrender, let go, give it up.  I didn’t need it.  My ego could let it go and make room for my authentic self to rise to the surface.  Then the challenge worked out.
4.  Practice Praise – Gratitude is the greatest power.  Gratitude and praise turns our attention from what is not working to what is, and it generates a higher, more expansive vibration that aligns us with our goals.
Again, another tool to raise vibration.  All of these practices are simply that- raise the vibration higher than the problem.  Using gratitude as a vibe raiser is the simplest and most straightforward way to elevate energy.  I AM so grateful!!!
“I am so grateful for the solutions that have shown up so easily and I am so grateful that it all happened so perfectly.  Life works and everytime I go through challenges, I have been shown how perfectly things always work out.  I am so grateful to know this.”
5.  Practice Patience –  Let it all go.  Relax.  Set it in the hands of the Divine Grace and allow everything to move at its own time.  Let go of control and be patient.  Patience sets up the vibration that its already done.    RELAX, LET GO, ALL IS WELL.
I know as we practice these 5 steps we can be in alignment- with not only the solution but the ongoing and ever expansive lives that we are meant to live!
“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” – Albert Einstein

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