How is Your Emotional Intelligence?


In an article I read recently, top human resources officers from global companies were asked what they see as the top ten job skills required by the year 2020 for workers to thrive.

One of those critical skills for success that made the top 10 list?

Wait for it … Emotional Intelligence.


According to Emotional Intelligence experts, E.I. also knowns as EQ, has become an important predictor of job success, surpassing technical ability and intelligence in general.

What is emotional intelligence?

It’s about being smarter with feelings.  It’s about being more self-aware, more intentional, more purposeful, more empathetic.

In a nutshell, your emotional intelligence is your ability to be more responsive than reactive; more skilled in your inner world and in your ability to be with others.  The higher your emotional intelligence, the more options and choices you really have in life.

One who has a high emotional intelligence has self-awareness, can self-regulate and manage their emotions, they take personal responsibility for what is triggering their emotions, they have the ability to boost their own inner motivation, have innate empathy and compassion for others and can sense what they are feeling.  They have the ability to “put themselves in the shoes of another.”  They have the social skills of being able to develop trust and rapport with others and develop self-confidence.


Your relationships, work partners and family will appreciate it- and, you will be happier.

Emotional intelligence is what happens as a result of personal growth. True growth includes the development and awareness of the inner thought and feeling world.  Meditation, mindfulness, emotional awareness, therapy and spiritual awareness are some of the practices that contribute one’s EQ.


These life skills, such as understanding the mind, how it works, how to use it, and developing the skills to quiet the mind and create space before reacting to triggered events, are the real skills that can make the biggest difference in your quality of life, healthy body, and handling stress.

By learning to live from your higher functioning brain rather than the emotional, reactive brain you will grow in your own self-awareness, creativity, intuition, peacefulness; and you can increase your money, work satisfaction, personal and familial happiness.  Learning to interrupt the fight or flight response through the breath is relatively easy and doable for anyone.

Science is proving that the benefits of mindfulness are unmistakable.

And now, even top companies recognize the benefits.  People from all walks of life are seeing the power of mindfulness, whether it’s in sports excellence, business success, creative enhancement, physical health, improved memory and sharpness of mind.

So, the proof is here.  Jump in!


Author: Dr. Janette Freeman has been teaching and coaching for over 20 years in mindfulness, meditation and personal and spiritual development and growth.

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