The insights gained here are universal and powerful for anyone who finds themselves in transition and needs inspiration and courage for making the wisest, most powerful choice - the one that chooses YOU.

Transformational teacher, speaker and author, Janette Freeman shares her very raw, vulnerable experiences of making the radical choice to follow her own voice to embark upon a year long, solo travel journey of personal discovery throughout many parts of the world, after experiencing what some would call a "midlife crisis." She sold her house, car and many possessions to follow this life-long dream. Doing her own form of “Eat, Pray, Love,” not only brought tremendous fear but expansive growth and transformation.  Her search led her to that one place that we all secretly crave.

Dr. Freeman opens her life, heart, and soul to the reader so that they may get a glimpse of their own humanness.

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Dr. Janette Freeman invites you to think of your belief systems as the brick and mortar of your life.

Are they strong and supportive, or are they weak and degrading? Which do you want to keep and which do you want to let go of? Until we have a lasting change in our internal belief systems, we seldom see lasting change in our lives. Why settle for misery when you can be happy?

In order to have lasting transformation you must experience a change of beliefs at a deep level. It's not as important to know where you got your beliefs, as it is that you establish new ones. You establish new beliefs by being exposed to and accepting new ones repetitively.

This does not happen with one or two affirmations. It happens when you repetitively outweigh your limiting beliefs with positive beliefs. Repetition is a powerful and effective way to change your beliefs, thereby changing your experience. Lasting transformation is very difficult without repetition. L

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