The Secrets of Enlightened Living — Found Under the Sea

I didn’t expect this sort of enlightened experience from my vacation, actually. After two travel days filled with delays, reroutes and things gone wrong, I made my way to Cozumel via Cancun, finally arriving tired…

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How is Your Emotional Intelligence?

  In an article I read recently, top human resources officers from global companies were asked what they see as the top ten job skills required by the year 2020 for workers to thrive. One of those critical skills…

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The Power of Attention

Are you paying attention to what you’re paying attention to? Most of us aren’t that often it seems. Attention focusses our awareness, much like a flashlight shines the light on a specific object.  When it shines…

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The Power of your Enlightened NO!

There’s this OTHER THING about your brain you must know, so that you are working more intelligently with your mind to move you in the direction of your real desires.  Last week I told you how…

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There’s this ONE THING about your brain, you must know!

There’s this ONE THING about your brain you must know, so that you are working with what you got- to get you what you want! Your brain likes what’s familiar. That’s right.  You walk into…

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Try this and turn UP your manifesting- BIG TIME!

Are you manifesting consciously to the degree you know is possible? Are you utterly excited and blissfully passionate about the fact that we live in a universe that is SO FABULOUSLY INTELLIGENT? I know. I know.  I…

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The Inside-Out Approach to Solving Anything

Have you ever had a problem, a quandry, or a need that seems to be just out of reach? Do you run it over and over in your head? Is that working?  Does it help?…

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The Heavenly Point of Choice. Make it now.

As I watch the ups and downs all around us politically- in the nation and the world; the weather patterns and the massive amounts of personal stress, anxiety and depression I witness in people around…

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Steps for Visualization

  Sit quietly and relax your body until you feel calm inside.     Think of the outcome you want – be specific and definite.     Create a clear idea or picture. See out…

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Happiness at Home… The Little Things That Can Add Up Big!

We’re all looking for greater happiness and the good news is this: tiny, seemingly small changes to your home, your lifestyle and the way you talk to your loved ones can add up to you…

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  Know that everything is happening “For you” not “To you.”  Let go of the victim mindset and know that even in this situation something good is happening.   “Accept” what is happening in the…

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Is Life Good or What?

Yesterday, as I picked my seven-year-old granddaughter up from school, I asked her my habitual question, “How was your day?”   She rolls her eyes. “Not again!”   I argue. “But I LOVE to hear…

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Love on the Playground

I’ve been sneaking away.  Doing something I haven’t told very many people.  It’s a pretty special place… It’s like an ashram- but not.  It’s like a love fest- of sorts. I’ve never seen so much…

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Two Little Words That Can Add to Your Happiness- AND Your Bottom Line.

I was eighteen years old when my mother handed me this very small, green hardcover book. It was called, “The I AM Discourses.” I had no idea what I held in my hand. How I managed through ALL…

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I AM. I CAN. 4 Steps to Moving Beyond Fear and Accessing Your Inner Power

You’re not alone. I’ve woken up in the early morning hours with my mind running on and on about what “could” happen. I’ve sat crippled and not taken action, simply because I was walking into…

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