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  Know that everything is happening “For you” not “To you.”  Let go of the victim mindset and know that even in this situation something good is happening.   “Accept” what is happening in the moment, even though you’d like it to be different. Acceptance… not “fighting against” the illness brings peace, peace helps the…

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Is Life Good or What?

Yesterday, as I picked my seven-year-old granddaughter up from school, I asked her my habitual question, “How was your day?”   She rolls her eyes. “Not again!”   I argue. “But I LOVE to hear about anything from your day!”   “It’s the same thing as before. It was GOOD!” she replies. “It’s good every…

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Love on the Playground

I’ve been sneaking away.  Doing something I haven’t told very many people.  It’s a pretty special place… It’s like an ashram- but not.  It’s like a love fest- of sorts. I’ve never seen so much consistent love in one place. It’s not like its new to me.  It’s not like I haven’t been there before.…

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The Art of Waiting

See the Video of this TALK!  Click here!  Do you like to wait? No one does.  Not really.  Whether its in a line, traffic or more importantly, waiting for your goals to manifest, your love to show up, or even your children to grow up? The mind does not know how to wait, in fact…

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How to be a Bonafide LOVE PRO!

Wouldn’t you just love to be called,  “The World’s Greatest LOVER?” Do you remember the movie Don Juan DeMarco?  The lead character (Johnny Depp) believed that he was Don Juan DeMarco, the world’s greatest lover…(he was put into a mental hospital, oh well.) But the fact was… Everyone felt more love in his presence.  Everyone felt more…

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Write Your Life as a Great Story

Much has been written on “The Hero’s Journey,” and the mythology and the stories we all share.  We also recognized our own stories in the great stories of heroic living.  We can find strength in the stories of others. Stories tell of the struggle to: Breathe new life into a dead land,the death of the soul…

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