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My Story

As a young, single mother of three, I was broke, alone and hopeless.  I knew there had to be more to life than what I was struggling with. I felt trapped in jobs that didn’t feed my heart with joy and in relationships that continued to validate my feelings of unworthiness. Yet, I knew this wasn’t what life was supposed to look like. I knew, in the depths of my being that I could live a different life. My soul screamed for release and renewal.

Life forced me to look deep within and choose to re-create my life, by working on the inside, connecting to my Higher Power, working on my practices to shift my mindset, experience greater peace of mind and spiritual peace and ultimately manifesting greater happiness and success.

All real transformation happens in the inner world of thoughts, beliefs first.

I help people work on personal practices to experience greater peace of mind, choice and move life forward spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

I Have Worked With Thousands...

... Of people and have found the KEY to assist people in their own transformation. It is so simple that is often overlooked: Repetition changes the brain.  A brain changed is a life change.


Change your brain through meditation, mindfulness and choice.

Let me help.  Let my programs help you.


“My deepest desire is to help shorten your path of transformation. You CAN transform your life and these programs will help you do so.”  -Janette

What others have said:

Dr. Freeman has been my coach for over two years.  I have used about five different coaches over the years and they all have different styles, but Janette is unique in her approach and it works.  She has helped me heal my personal struggles, keeps me grounded and has taught me to trust myself.  She helps me to work through complex business issues and mindset blocks.  She has also helped me a ton with navigating my marriage and being an entrepreneur.  She has changed my life.  She is AMAZING.

Kayla Pendleton, Owner of Her Space, Fresno, CA

"If you are a new or even mature business owner, it's well worth your time and resources to engage with the wisdom and spiritual guidance of Dr. Janette Freeman. Before I started working with Dr. Freeman, I was sidelined periodically with the emotional and spiritual challenges of starting up a new business. After working with Janette for only a few weeks, my mission and direction for my business became much clearer and she helped me get rid of fears that cropped up as a new entrepreneur. The processes Dr. Freeman has developed through the I AM teachings really work!
-Leslie Cole, CEO Majestic Feminine


I AM Source Code

Available Now: Amazon #1 Best Selling New Release!

I AM Source Code 

What IF there is a Sacred Code to Manifesting True Peace, Abundance and Happiness?

Many have heard of the power of the words “I Am” but few understand the depths of that sacred word and the Presence it points to.   In this pivotal book, you will be guided to access your “I Am” Nature and allow It to write the new code for the awakened, evolved Self.  See how It can wake you up and empower your life- spiritually and materially.


  • Receive the 3 Source Code Meditations to begin to awaken the sleeping giant of creation and Presence.
  • Reclaim and use your sacred Source Code “I AM,” in order to manifest your deepest desires.
  • Access true self-empowerment and let go of co-dependency and giving away your power to others.
  • Unhook from the old conditioned programming of the small, egoic self.
  • Meet face to face with your own individualized I Am, you as your future ascended self. As you identify with this Presence, you will shift realities big time.


The Second Envelope Are Your Ready for a Change? You Have a Choice!

New Book: The Second Envelope: Are You Ready for a Change?  You Have a Choice!

The insights gained here are universal and powerful for anyone who finds themselves in transition and needs inspiration and courage for making the wisest, most powerful choice - the one that chooses YOU.
Transformational teacher, speaker and author, Janette Freeman shares her very raw, vulnerable experiences of making the radical choice to follow her own voice to embark upon a year long, solo travel journey of personal discovery throughout many parts of the world, after experiencing what some would call a "midlife crisis." She sold her house, car and many possessions to follow this life-long dream. Doing her own form of “Eat, Pray, Love,” not only brought tremendous fear but expansive growth and transformation. Her search led her to that one place that we all secretly crave.

Dr. Freeman opens her life, heart, and soul to the reader so that they may get a glimpse of their own humanness.


Book: Why Did This Happen to Me Again?  Keys to Lasting Transformation

  • Learn about Dr. Freeman's fast, easy, and effective techniques for real and lasting transformation.
  • Go from scared and intimidated to confident and self-assured.
  • Learn the secrets to happier and peaceful living. Learn how the proven secrets of sleep repetition can program you for success and happiness.
  • See how a 14 hour commitment can change your life.
  • See how the 7 core beliefs of joyful, purposeful people can be yours.
  • Learn how to assist your children in having greater confidence and success easily and effortlessly through sleep repetition.
  • Utilize timeless spiritual principles for aligning with the higher creative energies of Infinite Intelligence.

Janette Freeman invites you to think of your belief systems as the brick and mortar of your life. Are they strong and supportive, or are they weak and degrading? Which do you want to keep and which do you want to let go of? Until we have a lasting change in our internal belief systems, we seldom see lasting change in our lives. Why settle for misery when you can be happy? In order to have lasting transformation you must experience a change of beliefs at a deep level.

“The world we live in is literally a creation of our innermost thoughts and beliefs.”

Janette Freeman

Dr Janette Freeman

Dr. Janette Freeman is a internationally known meditation teacher on platforms such as INSIGHT TIMER and BREETHE.

She is the author of "I AM Source Code - For Spiritual Awakening and Empowered Living", “Why Did This Happen to Me Again? Your Keys to Lasting Transformation”, “The Second Envelope,” which chronicles her international solo travel and a path of personal discovery,” co-author with Dr. Wayne Dyer and Terry Cole Whittaker in “Wake Up and Live the Life You Love - In Spirit,” and the soon to be released “I AM Source Code for Spiritual Awakening and Empowered Living."

She holds a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Religious Studies and a Doctorate of Consciousness Studies from the Emerson Theological Institute. She has founded two and served three spiritual communities as their spiritual leader.

My Programs… Take up the 12 Hour Challenge Today for Real Results!

Lasting transformation calls for a deep commitment and requires a radical shift! Take the 12-hour challenge by committing to 12 hours a day of positive input!

One third of your life is spent sleeping and you can reclaim that lost time by sleeping to soft music/affirmations that go directly to your subconscious mind. Then have the recordings playing during drive time and other times during the day. Train your mind to focus on what you want to focus on and these programs will help it be easy for you!

Meditate Daily.

Stay Present.

Use my recordings to help.

What Others Have Said About These Programs…

Stefaan Coppens, Ghent, Belgium

This moved me to tears, it touched my deepest I AM consciousness through recognition. Thank you so much for the wonderful, essential reminder.

Anita Jansz , Milton, Ontario, Canada

That was one of the most resonating meditations I have ever participated in. So much emotional release and realization of all the labels we place on ourselves, the pressure to be your roles and fulfil each and every one of them. The pressures we place on ourselves and mostly the "things" by which we regard who we are in this world. Such release! Thank you for sharing.

Gerardine, Aix-en-Provence, France

Wonderful as usual! Dr Freeman is spontaneous and filled with loving kindness. Her words bring great joy to my heart.

Pamela S. Los Angeles, CA USA

So grateful to have found you and your guiding hand. Thank you for this wonderful teaching! Looking forward to listening to more of your offerings.

Angela Silver Spring, MD USA

The pacing, volume, and tonality make this an ideal guided session for inducing deeply restorative sleep.  The phrasing of the affirmations and hypnotic suggestions makes this an invaluable tool for effecting a changed outlook on life.  The entire package is sublime. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Dr. Freeman!

Elki, London, United Kingdom 

I can’t remember last time I went to sleep with a smile and tears in my eyes, lucid dreams and early morning positive thinking. This meditation is now a must. Thank you!!

Bea K. Sevenoaks, United Kingdom

Beautiful meditation… perfectly balanced delivery. Thank you!

Noelani, Kington, New York

Wow! Where have you been all my life! This was like being bathed in divine white light and love. The cells of my body were “singing” by the end. Many thanks! 🙏🏻. Highly recommended if you are in need of healing the connection to your body.

Melody Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Thank you for your support and guidance. I’m feeling energized and alive

What I Offer

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us- and when we bring what is within us out into the world, miracles happen. "
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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