Dr. Janette is a dynamic, motivating, and inspiring speaker/teacher who infuses her talks with anecdotes, humor, and thoughtful messages. She’s filled with contagious energy, is entertaining and energetic, and speaks eloquently from the heart.

Her messages take many different forms and are designed for the group, but are centered around the power of a positive mindset and helping to develop the internal personal skills that increase successful in life.

Developing the inner skills that create outer results.

Inspiration.  Motivation.  Keynotes.  Training.

Subjects: Happiness, Wellbeing, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Meditation, Law of Attraction, Manifesting Desires, Using the Mind Intelligently

TRAINING COURSES  (More designed as needed.)

NEURO MEDITATION: Inner peace, new skills in emotional awareness, ability to access creativity as well as increase performance.
Based on the science of neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to reorganize/re-wire itself by forming new neural connections) to retrain the brain. Participants are taught skills to relax, calm the mind, focus inner direction and mindfulness, as well as learn specific focus and mindfulness meditations.

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE:  Greater happiness and well-being through increased personal awareness and relational skills. Ability to work more effectively with others for increased productivity.
Discover the power of EQ. This class teaches the ability to accurately identify and manage your emotions. Learn to discern between different feelings, label them appropriately, adapt, manage and/or adjust to achieve goals.

HAPPY BRAIN, HAPPY LIFE:  Greater happiness and personal productivity.
Happiness doesn’t come from other people or circumstances. Changing the way we think influences our state of happiness. We can re- train the brain and create new habits.  Students learn meditation, mindfulness, gratitude, intention, emotional awareness, and choice.

7 KEYS TO ACHIEVING GOALS:  Real tools and practices to access the power of the subconscious and manifest results.
Learn the seven keys necessary for successful goal achievement. Discover that working harder is NOT the answer. See how relaxation is one of the greatest assets. Take back your power and develop inner skills that help every area of life.

CREATIVE VISUALIZATION:  Working with the mind to manifest what is desired in life and access creativity.
Whether for optimun performance, better health, artistic endeavors, or personal growth, students learn this valuable skill.