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3 Keys to HAPPINESS Online Program

This journey of spiritual awakening is underway by millions of people. You could have all kinds of symptons such as depression, anxiety, big highs and lows.  There is tremendous energy hitting us and this can bring up chaos, depression, anxiety and grief.  We can feel spiritually high one minute and then thrust into chaos.  We are in a transformation phase and its important to clear the past traumas and pain that is surfacing. We also must allow and even train ourselves to see and think differently, not from our automatic wounded conditioned selves.

We NEED NEW SKILLS.   This online program will give them to you.  We need to heal the past trauma (known or unknown) that is causing the unhappiness.  In this program there are some specific teachings, energetic clearings, and tools to assist you.
This Introductory Offer is priced so that you will try it out and see for yourself how you can begin to clear and create more happiness.

Why Did This Happen to Me Again? Your Keys to Lasting Transformation

FAST, EASY and EFFECTIVE techniques for real and lasting transformation. 

  • Learn the secrets to happier and peaceful living.
  • Learn how the proven secrets of sleep repetition can program you for success.
  • Go from scared and intimidated to confident and self-assured.
  • See how the 7 core beliefs of joyful, purposeful people can be yours.


The Second Envelope: Making the Radical Choice for Change

THE SECOND ENVELOPE by Dr. Janette Freeman sharing her experiences on her solo journey of personal discovery throughout many parts of the world, after experiencing what some would call a “midlife crisis.” The insights gained on this journey are universal and powerful for anyone who finds themselves in transition and making the radical choice to choose their own authentic path; to ultimately choose freedom rather than security of the known.


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