Empowerment Coach

For the past eighteen years, Dr. Janette Freeman has been inspiring, teaching and coaching people on their journey from limited to limitless.

She is dedicated to helping the individual empower their life by transforming their inner world. She teaches and uses meditation, mindset practices, emotional healing, belief work, and uncovering unconscious patterns through hypnosis, NLP and spiritual practices.

Inspirational Speaker & Teacher

Dr. Janette is a dynamic, motivating, and inspiring speaker/teacher who infuses her talks with anecdotes, humor, and thoughtful messages. She’s filled with contagious energy, is entertaining and energetic, and speaks eloquently from the heart.

Her messages take many different forms and are designed for the group, but are centered around the power of a positive mindset and helping the audience to develop the internal personal skills that increase peace, wellness and success in life.

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Dr. Janette is a internationally known meditation teacher on platforms such as INSIGHT TIMER and BREETHE.

Dr. Freeman teaches meditation, mindfulness and emotional intelligence courses in psychiatric and medical offices in Fresno, CA and for clients desiring overall wellness in mind and body online.

See her popular course on Insight Timer “The Power of I AM to Manifest Your Deepest Desires”

Published Author

She is the author of “Why Did This Happen to Me Again? Your Keys to Lasting Transformation”, and “The Second Envelope,” which chronicles her international solo travel and a path of personal discovery,” and, and co-author with Dr. Wayne Dyer and Terry Cole Whittaker in “Wake Up and Live the Life You Love – In Spirit”.

Ordained Minister

She holds a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Religious Studies and a Doctorate of Consciousness Studies from the Emerson Theological Institute. She has founded two and served three spiritual communities as their spiritual leader.

What I Offer




“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us- and when we bring what is within us out into the world, miracles happen. ”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson


Janette graced us with her presence and presentation titled “4 Secrets to Staying Peaceful During Stressful Times” during a Fresno County Women’s Chamber of Commerce monthly luncheon. Janette is an incredibly warm person and her presentation was interactive, inspiring, moving and witty. This was probably one of our most highly attended luncheons of the past year – Janette is quite a draw. We all left the venue feeling uplifted, challenged and motivated to be our better selves. Thank you for speaking to our group Janette and we hope to have you back again soon!

Nicki Cerniglia, President Fresno County Women’s Chamber of Commerce

Janette Freeman brought a powerful lift to our community. She led our workshop participants through a somatic experience of Oneness. The ability to engage the group is a transformational experience that extended beyond the mind was powerful. Her humor, her heart, her levity and her candor created a warm and rich container for participants to go deep. Bodhi Spiritual Center is grateful for her presence in our community.

Rev. Lola WrightDirector Bodhi Spiritual Center

Dr.Janette provided a course that was unlike anything I’ve attended before, creating a safe and warm environment with strangers in a relatively short period of time. The work our group did with Janette was gratifying and touched me on so many levels. I would recommend any courses that Dr. Janette offers!

Leslie ColeMajestic Feminine

Dr. Janette is a fabulous facilitator. She is very engaging and intuitive. She created a loving space for people to have a deep and transformative experience.

Rev. RainbowDirector of Community Engagement, Bodhi Spiritual Center

“I am so blessed to know Janette Freeman and meet with her for spiritual life coaching. She has guided me in removing some emotional blocks that were preventing me from fully loving my Divine Self. Through meeting with her regularly, I am learning to discover the true joy of living a healthy, fulfilled, meaningful life. I now see my life as being full of endless possibilities!

Janette’s style of coaching is filled with such love and compassion. She shares her unwavering belief in knowing and loving your inner power. It’s there, but I just had lost touch with it for years! She holds a vision for you that you are perfect, healed, whole and complete just as you are. I have learned the importance of of repeating daily affirmations, and daily meditation to create and align with powerful intentions Through my work with Janette I have gained a fresh perspective on my life and learned to listen to my inner voice and live life in full consciousness. I am realizing my true nature and loving it for the first time in a very long time. What an honor to work with such grace and wisdom! Thank you Janette!

A. K.

I highly recommend private sessions with Dr. Janette for spiritual counseling. The questions she asks, the prayer treatments, and the clearing techniques are on a spiritual, practical and vibrational level that I had not experienced before. She is led by the Spirit and lovingly assists in bringing clarity. Personally, my very first session, I became clear and she was able to help me dissolve blocks that I was unaware of before my session. In conjunction with her classes, this is a way of going both deeper and higher, speeding up my growth process! From my heart, I am thankful for the decades of training she has done and that I get to be a recipient of all she has learned in order for me to expand and receive all that God has for me. Thank you Dr. Janette, you are a true blessing and a private session with you – priceless!


Janette is the queen of processes and meditations!  It is her genius zone!

Tambra Jones